Get the ultimate software solution for Support Coordinators

For just $300 get 900 credits - save $600!

Collaboration / Social

Easy-to-use social media platform for case management where family and friends of clients communicate with service providers in real time.

Shared Calendar

Schedule an appointment and it’s automatically shared with your team. No more double-booking or missed appointments.

Access and Control

Control who sees, contributes or shares information. Be alerted when anyone attempts to makes changes to a user’s access.

Reporting and Analytics

Automatically captures client documentation to make your reporting so much easier, whether it’s for NDIS Bulk Claims, DEX, Payroll or client invoicing.

Documents and Templates

Enter progress notes directly into Pnyx during the client’s appointment, and customise it so you can use your current document templates and forms.

One-on-one training

You need to be up and running with your new system quickly. That’s why we’ll personally help to get you set-up and trained quickly.

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